With Cremation, It’s All About Trust

Kilpatrick Funeral Homes is the premier cremation provider choice for families in Monroe, Farmerville, Ruston, and beyond. Our neighbors trust us to treat their loved one with the highest respect through the entirety of the cremation process. And since we own and operate our own crematory, you can rest assured your loved one will never leave our compassionate, professional care.

Nearly Endless Memorialization Choices

We have the options Northeast Louisiana families need to honor their loved one properly. Nearly all of our personalization options are available to those who prefer cremation. We can also help you choose a memorial item to keep with you always, whether it’s a decorative urn or piece of designer keepsake jewelry.

Whether you’re planning for someone you love or for yourself, if you want the peace of mind and choices Kilpatrick Funeral Homes offers, reach out to a member of our team today.