Awards & Affiliations

Kilpatrick Funeral Home’s commitment to serving families has been recognized on a national level. Annually, the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) honors funeral homes for their dedication to excellence. Kilpatrick Funeral Homes has been a member of NFDA since 1955 and consistently receives the Pursuit of Excellence Award for outstanding service and professional standards. This award requires superiority in continuing education and staff development, family outreach, community service, professional association service and participation, and marketing and public relations.

Kilpatrick Funeral Homes was also pleased to receive the Best of the Best Award from NFDA. This recognition highlights the innovative ideas developed and carried out by the Pursuit of Excellence Award winners. Only ten firms from across the USA are chosen from the Pursuit of Excellence Award recipients as the outstanding programs of the year. Best of the Best Award winners have developed quality programming that goes the extra mile for the families and communities they serve.

Perhaps what we are most proud of is NFDA honoring Kilpatrick for Healing Activities for Children and Teens, a hands-on approach to grief recovery through the medium of art. We organized a three-week program for 5 and 18 year olds to express their grief through the artwork. Professional local counselors were available to work through any issues or questions that arose.

Golden Shield Top Safety Award

Lastly, Kilpatrick Funeral Homes received the Award For Workplace Safety by the Golden Shield TOP Safety Award Panel. Our funeral home was honored during a special ceremony at Order of the Golden Rule’s annual conference in Toronto. Funeral homes must demonstrate stringent standards of workplace safety policies and practices to receive the award. Members chosen represent the very best in service excellence.

Memberships and Associations