Earnest Gene Lawrence

July 24, 1943 - February 11, 2008
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Funeral services for Earnest Lawrence 64, will be 4:00 PM Thursday, February 14, 2008 at Kilpatrick Funeral Home in West Monroe with Brother Dale Jordon officiating. Interment will be private under the directions of Kilpatrick Funeral Home of West Monroe. Mr. Lawrence was born July 24, 1943 in Norfolk, Arkansas and passed away February 11,Continue Reading

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Earnest Lawrence left a message on February 11, 2013:
It's been five years right now. I still love you and miss you so much everyday. I am closer everyday to seeing you again and I am so glad of that. I miss you daddy and I will continue to talk to you everyday until I can get that big hug that I am longing for. Kisses and Hugs! Jr.
Earnest Gene Lawrence Jr left a message on June 14, 2012:
Happy Fathers Day Daddy! I sure do miss you. I watched your video today and I say a photograph of you that reminds me of me. I am so glad that I got your looks. They have served me well. Wow, I can't believe that I have missed four Fathers days already. I am in church now and loving it, not that you don't know. I feel you around me all of the time and it is so comforting. I can't say that I miss you enough. You continue to be my rock everyday. I keep you in my thoughts everyday. I look at your photos all of the time. I am teaching Evan who his Pa Paw is. You would eat this little boy up. I know that he would love you to death. Afterall is said and done, I just miss you and I wanted to stop by hear and let the world know! Happy Father's Day Daddy!
Linda Ross left a message on February 13, 2008:
Well dad it's been four months and one day now and it still hasn't gotten any easier. They say with time it gets easier but I don't see it happening. Mom gave us all a good scare here a couple of weeks ago but I knew in my heart you wouldn't let that happen to me. I just don't know how I would have dealt with that too. I miss you sooooooooooooo much dad that I don't even have the words to explain it. Well I know that Aunt Seal should be up there with you guys now, so ya'll take care of her for Aunt Re. By the way Kelly is having a girl this time! Yeah!!! I wish you could be here for that one. I Love you dad but I am going to go now I will talk to you again soon.                     Love you forever,                       Linda Sue
Rachel Trainer left a message on February 13, 2008:
Although I did not get to know "Daddy" very well, he was family becasue of all of you. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your happiness and share in your sorrow. You can always remember those great times and cherish the special moments that each one of you have shared with him. I know there is nothing I can do to help ease the pain, but just know that I will be here for you. You will always have a special place in my heart and I love you all.
Tiffany Leigh Lawrence left a message on February 13, 2008:
Papaw, I miss you terribly!  I still have a hard time beleiving you are actually gone.  It feels as if you are still alive and when I come to Louisiana you will be at Mamaw's sitting in a chair waiting for me.  I feel blessed to have had you as my grandfather and I know you are watching over me.  And when the wind blows my hair I know it is you playing with my hair just like you did in December.  I love you Papaw and I hope I showed that while I had the opportunity to.  Rest peacefully!
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Rhonda Bowie left a message on February 13, 2008:
Dad I love you and miss so much. Not a min goes bye that I dont think about you. We had our talks on Mondays for the past 2mth I sorry I didnt come by this Mon. I thought I would have more time with you. I know your in a better place now. And I know that your not sick anymore. Just know that you will all ways be in my hart.JUst tell both set of grandpanintes that I love them.I love you daddy and will always.                        Rhonda Bowie
Linda Ross left a message on February 13, 2008:
Daddy it breaks my heart that you are gone but I promise you that you will never ever be forgotten. You and mom have been my world for the last 42 years and I am lost without you. I promise you though that I will take care of momma and you never have to worry about that. I love you daddy, enjoy your life with the lord, where you can eat and drink and walk again and no one can stop you. After all these years of pain you deserve it. Oh and tell Dennis Lee I said hello and he better watch out for you. I love you Dad take care of yourself until we meet again. XOXOXOXO
Earnest Gene Lawrence Jr. left a message on February 13, 2008:
I am so glad that when I was home this last time that we got to spend some great time together. I truly enjoyed our talk. Dad you taught me that loving my family was the most important thing in life. You practiced this everyday by showing us love constantly. The early days of our lives were a little rough but I would not trade those days for anything. Those days taught us that the world is not a fair place and you have to rely on the ones that love you in good and bad times. The last seventeen years our relationship has grown and blossomed to be absolutly beautiful. I miss you so much already but I know how you felt towards me and my family and you knew how we felt towards you. You are my heroe and inspiration and I love you. I am jealous of you right now though. You get to play with Bobbie and Rufus and the rest of our family in heaven. If you need to know who someone is just take a look at my website. I love you dad.
Earnest Jr left a message on February 13, 2008:
Hey Dad,Just stopped by today and say hi.  I have been talking to you alot lately and  appreciate you listening.  We are coming up on two years since you were allowed to take that wonderful journey.  I really miss you dad.  I am thankful for every moment that we shared.  I have come to grips a little better with the cremation since then.  I still am not all there but  am working on it.  I still look at your pictures everyday and talk to you.  I have the mirror hanging above my couch so that everyone can see it and know you.  On the day that we buried your ashes in Arkansas, I returned to the lodge and folded back the covers and found a quarter on my pillow.   will always believe that you placed it there in answer to my question to you that day.  Thank you.  It is taped inside my wallet and I take it everywhere with me.  I love you dad and I miss you so much.  I am envious of you right now and who you are with.  One day our family will be whole again and we will all sing with the angels.  They have no idea how bad we sing, but it will be fun!  Love you Daddy!
Earnest Gene Lawrence Jr. left a message on February 13, 2008:
Well, it has been three months Friday.  It is still difficult each day but I know that you know that already because I talk to you all of the time.  I really miss you terribly but we will all make it through this alright.  It is funny though that I come on here all of the time and just sit and talk to you without writing anything down.  Me, the person who wants all of our history written down.  I hope that you like the bench, I am putting one in my garden also so that I can just walk out and talk with you whenever I need to.  I hope that this will help me deal with the cremation better than I have.  Alek is going to go stay with mom some this summer and help her do "some of the things that Papwaw would do, like the yard work".  Everytime my computer screen pops up you are on my homepage and I tell you hi.  Itis still not easy clicking away from your picture but I know that you understand, you never liked cameras or pictures of yourself anyway.  Well I need to get back to work now.  I love you daddy, bunches and bunches.Junior
Linda Ross left a message on February 13, 2008:
Daddy it's been 2 months and 6 days since you went home. It is hard, very hard at times not to have you here with us. I know you suffered for many years to try and stay with us, but there came a time you could not fight any more and we all said it was ok and it was but I still want you back. I miss you sooooooooooo much daddy. I will be back later to talk to you. I love you.
Linda Ross left a message on February 13, 2008:
Hey dad just thought I would stop by and say I love you and miss you sooo much. It doesn't seem like it's been a year since you passed away but at 2:15 today it will be a year. I will not stop writing until I just can't do it anymore. This is like my solice. I just need to write to you every now and again. I talk to you all the time but sometimes this just makes it more real. I noticed not too many get on here anymore but I promise to keep writing. I love you with all my heart and I so wish you were here with us.
Linda Sue left a message on February 13, 2008:
Hey daddy you must have been talking about me today because for some reason you were on my mind today more than normal if you can believe that. I don't know what was going on but you were on my mind very strong. I love you so much and wish you were here with me. It's like 12:40am and I just needed to say hello and I love you.
Sherry Harrington left a message on February 13, 2008:
Daddy,  I love you and miss you and I am so sorry that I did not make it back up there Sunday and I hope that you understand. I will miss you so much but I know that you are in a better place and that you are not suffering anymore and that is what I wanted for so long for you is not to suffer. I will take care of mom I promise you that she will be ok.XOXOXO
Kelly Louise left a message on February 13, 2008:
Papaw, From The moment of my birth till your last breath you have been my life, my rock, and the only man I have ever looked up to, and truly respected. I have known this day would come for many years,but it still doesnt make it any easier to say goodbye. In your last moment with us you made me promise you a few things and you dont ever need to worry about me keeping them. I will stand by my word till the day I die, that I promise. We had our fair share of problems as a family but no matter how bad I got you were still there for me!! You have been my father figure for 24 years and now your gone, but never forgotten you have left your mark on each and everyone of us in one way or another. you were the greatest man I ever knew! God this is so hard!!! The only thing that helps me get through this is knowing that you are in heaven looking down on us and smiling. The pain and suffering is finally over. I know you have our little hill in heaven that needs as much work as this one here needed and you are hunting, fishing, and cleaning up the place getting it ready for our homecoming. tell everyone I said hello. But most importantly just know that I love you and we will one day meet again. I love you papaw! Triston wanted me to tell you to make sure we have a place to go fishing as well and that he loves you.
First Baptist Church left a message on February 13, 2008:
We are praying for your family during this time of sorrow. PSALM 30:5 WEEPING MAY REMAIN FOR A NIGHT,BUT REJOICING COMES IN THE MORNING.. IN CHRIST Mollie Sutton
Linda L Ross left a message on February 13, 2008:
Daddy, it breaks my heart that you are gone. I know you are in a better place and you are not sick anymore but I am selfish and I want you here with us. You and mom have been my life for 42 years and I am lost without you. I promise to take care of mom for you so you don't have to worry about that. You just enjoy not being sick. Tell Dennis I said he better keep a eye out for you. I love you dad and always will.
Samantha Moore left a message on February 13, 2008:
Paw-paw, i love you so much, and miss you deeply... it'll never be the same again. love always and forever more, sam
Martha Hoover left a message on February 13, 2008:
Daddy, I love you and I miss you.  I also know that I told you in life that I forgive you and I want you to go to God and rest in peace knowing that you were the light at the end of my tunnle.  The light has gotten dim but I still have mom standing there and know that I will always be here for her.  I am so sorry that I did not make it in time to see you before you passed, but I know that you know that I love you and you are the greatest daddy in the world. I am so glad that the suffering is over for you.  I know that you are happier now than you have been in years...knowing this I will have peace with your death.MomI just want you to know that I am here for you always.  You are the greates and strongest person I know.  I know that what I feel is only a piece of what you are feeling.  I dont know how you can do it but I know you are gonna make it cause you have our love and always will.
Kilpatrick Funeral Homes left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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